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Ever heard women going through perimenopause or menopause saying they’re forgetful, have brain fog, or struggle to concentrate?

The brain during menopause4

Women’s superpower (over men) is the ability to remember what they read or hear. This can change during menopause as brain cell generation and how cells connect with each other also change. This can impact the area responsible for memory recall.

In addition, glucose levels in the brain also decrease, forcing the brain to look at other sources of brain fuel as it adapts to hormonal changes.

How to beat brain fog4

Memory lapses are temporary and usually go away on their own. Doctors may recommend hormone therapy, which not only helps with other menopause symptoms but also with brain fog.

Research shows that the earlier hormone replacement therapy is used during menopause, the better the effect on memory. Also, if treatment starts in late menopause, it could have other risks.

Exercise the brain and stay mentally fit1, 3, 4

Physical and creative activities do keep the brain healthy. Try the following activities to keep your brain sharp.