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Empower yourself

Information is power. Learn all you can about perimenopause and its impact on your body and mind, so you will be ready for whatever this transition throws at you.

Enjoy a healthy diet1

Include an abundance of fruit, veggies, whole grains, lean protein, and healthy fats in your diet. And take note of any triggers, such as spicy foods, that may make symptoms worse.

Exercise regularly1

Walking, light cardio, yoga, and strength training are recommended for at least three hours a week. Regular exercise will keep you healthy, keep your weight under control, reduce depression and assist in sleeping better.

Prepare for better sleep1

Set the mood for better quality sleep by avoiding screens two hours before you go to bed. Do relaxing activities before lights out.

Reduce caffeine and alcohol intake1

Doing so can improve your sleep and regulate your mood.

Quit smoking1

Studies show that smoking increases hot flashes.

Manage weight1

Weight loss can reduce hot flashes and night sweats and improve energy levels.

Talk to your doctor1

If your symptoms persist and are having a negative impact on your well-being, talk to your doctor.